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Founded by April Sabral a senior retail executive with over 25 years in various sales and operations roles. She has now taken her knowledge and passion for people and retail and created retailu an online e-learning retail leadership development company.


Every day businesses rely on managers to drive results. At retailu we believe people drive results and leaders drive people. We make leadership development accessible, fun and affordable through the use of technology and mobile. Putting it in the hands of your people. Our team gets it with over fifty years of combined experience in retail sales and operations we know retailu is the best resource out there. Whether you are a retail organization that wants to retain and reward top employees by providing clear career planning or an individual that wants to grow your career and get that next promotion retailu provides access to a community of retail leaders and practical leadership training that will get you there. Our mission is to add value to retailers by providing accessible and affordable leadership development programs for retail managers. We believe engaged employees create engaging customer experiences, which is only possible through engaged leaders. This then translates into sales growth and long term loyalty. People build brands, we build people.

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