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People build brands, we build people

Over the last couple of months, we’ve shared our personal shopping experiences, discussed (VoC) Voice of the Customer solution, managing of Online Reviews & Reputation, and using Pulse Surveys to engage employees.

Amazing as these solutions are, brands may not have to depend on these solutions as much if they built a solid customer experience foundation by providing each frontline employee with soft-skills training.

The drawback of providing soft-skills training has been their high cost and effectiveness, that’s if you could actually find the proper training tools to begin with.

Well, let me be the first to tell you the wait is over as we now have a Canadian provider of soft-skills training for frontline employee, managers and soon to be released, for District Managers.

Ladies & gentleman, I introduce you to!

After a 23-year career, starting from the ground-up, her last being VP, Global Sales & Operations for DAVIDsTEA, April Sabral founded RetailU.

Finally, retailers have access to video-based soft-skills training, which is interesting, relevant, effective and affordable.

Every employee can now receive the soft-skills they need to deliver the experience your customers expect from your brand.

You can find April at and

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