• Nicholas Samson

Reputation Management made simple

The benefits of multi-location brands managing their online customer reviews is clear. It increases SEO rankings, delivers better search results, improves star-ratings, and sends a clear signal to past, current and future customers that what they have to say is being heard.

Now comes the hurdle. There are dozens of review sites posting customer reviews these days (Google, Facebook, Zomato, TripAdvisor,, Foodora, TrustPilot, Yelp, and the list goes on) and each location usually has 5 to 7 different sites posting reviews about them.

The math is nuts. If 1 location has 5 to 7 review sites to manage, a chain of 100 locations will have 500 to 700 review sites to manage. What location manager has time to log into 5 to 7 sites and what brand has time to log onto 500 to 700 sites? Neither!

That’s why robust Review & Reputation Management solutions, like ours, aggregate all review sites for all locations into one Inbox, just like your email program does, so you can reply to each review from all the review sites posting reviews about your location or brand in one simple to use Inbox.

Except for the resource you’ll need to manage the Review & Reputation Management solution, there is no reason anymore not manage your online reviews and benefit from the gains from doing so.

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