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The Future of Ranking - User Engagement is Key!

If you’re a multi-location brand who’s still investing heavily in your website’s SEO, you may want to re-think your strategy! Google's focus on local search will continue into 2020 as 46% of searches on Google by users already have local intent, and almost every local search converts into a sale either online or offline. Multi-unit brands should focus on driving local search results by managing their locations GMB (GoogleMyBusiness) pages. Google is a data company and the more data you give them by way of complete GMB pages, the more they reward you. Here are some things to consider: - Voice-based searches will account for 50% of all searches in 2020. Optimize your GMB pages now with long tail keywords. - Managing reviews play an important role in having more positive reviews and better placement on the local search results. - User engagement is key. Google gives higher placement to brands that receive maximum user engagement. That only happens when your GMB (GoogleMyBusiness) pages are managed and optimized. In closing, if multi-unit brands wish to place higher than their competition in Google local searches, review and GMB page management is a key strategy they must invest in.

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