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3 Reasons You Should Manage Your Online Reviews and Reputation



See All Your Reviews In The "Review Inbox"

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Built for immediate usability, for every sized business. The Reviews InBox is as easy to use like a personal email client.

  • Read your reviews, moderate a response, share them with your team.

  • Gone are the days of missing reviews, having to log in to each review site separately to read and moderate responses.

  • You can filter the reviews based on ratings so you deal with the low rated ones first and we can even set-up email alerts to notify you when someone submits a poor review so you respond to it in real-time, if you wish.

Review Management with Unparalleled
Control and Visibility

Engage with all of your customers in all of your locations from a single control panel.

  • Connect to over 70 review boards such as Google My Business, Facebook, BBB, Bing, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, TrustPilot, Zomato, AVVO,, RateMDs, Vitals, HealthGrades, and other platforms to bring everything into our industry-leading ReviewsInbox.

  • Easily monitor and respond to reviews in real-time, improve local search engine rankings, track performance, enhance your reputation, and drive additional sales.

  • Get updates from across the company or just a single location. See reviews, trends, map inclusion, insights, photo views, customer sentiment, and location citation details.

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Your Dashboard is the Command Center

A beautiful dashboard and powerful grouping and filtering allow you to analyze your data in ways never before possible.

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Dashboard reporting that provides visibility to reputation scores across every location and geographic region.

  • View insights (searches, maps, driving directions, phone calls, website visits, brand vs. indirect queries, and photo counts & engagement) by country, state/region, city/location to name a few.

  • View trends by day, week or month

  • Correlate your optimization efforts with actual results to prove ROI

  • Download the data to connect to your own BI tools

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Tailor Access To Suit Your Organization

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Enterprise-grade roles and access control allow you to scale your local optimization efforts to the entire organization.

  • Create roles for pinpoint visibility and control.

  • Give each stakeholders access to the sections that matter to them

  • Limit access by locations or groups of locations such as districts, regions, VP's.

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly reporting to key stakeholders by way of dashboard login, secure weblink or scheduled email.

From read-only to full administrative rights by location, region, district, province, or even country, we can build the structure that provides the right visibility and tools to all your internal and external stakeholders.

Facts That Affect Your Business Everyday

"Reputation Manager" Scales to Fit Your Business Needs,No Matter How Many Locations, No Matter What Business


Whether you manage a national chain, high-end bistro, or mom & pop pizza joint, restaurants live and die on their reviews. Word of mouth can make or break your restaurant location, how you handle the reviews can be just as important as earning good reviews in the first place.


The Data Is Clear: Customers read before buying and talk!

  • 88% have been influenced by an online customer review

  • 95% share bad experiences. 87% share good experiences

  • 54% share bad experiences with more than five people

  • 58% are more likely to tell about their experiences than they would 5 years ago.


Dealerships, repair shops, independent mechanics, oil & tire change retailers gain a new level control over their reputation and local presence.

Our reporting suite helps you to build better customer relationships, allowing you to create a loyal customer base who are more likely to recommend you to others.


The popularity of using reviews to make decisions for just about everything to do with hospitality and travel has never been higher. As is the competition who are turning to reviews as a method to boost scores by responding to comments which in turn boosts search engine results.


Service companies such as portrait studios and barber shops, and from marketing and graphic design to daycare and babysitting. can leverage review responses that will drive more reviews, higher ratings, improved local search rankings, higher clicks through rate, and ultimately more sales.


77% of patients turn to online reviews when initially selecting a doctor, dentist, clinic, medical laboratory or any other healthcare professional or facility.

Aggregate reviews from Google, Facebook, RateMDs, Vitals, Healthgrades, and other sources into a single, manageable ReviewsInbox and dashboard.

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