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Farm Boy opened in Burlington

Farm Boy opened in Burlington on December 5th so being a shopping enthusiast and after listening to my sister who lives in Ottawa brag about Farm Boy, I went to the store, walked around, spoke to a few employees, savored some very tasty freshly prepared food samples, spent a bit too much money and left…super impressed. Opening day for any business is always a bit of a show so I went back yesterday to pick up a few things to see if the experience was as good as my first visit. . Well, all I can say is my experience was even better than my first! The store looks awesome, the prices remain competitive, displaying some of the freshest looking produce, meat and seafood I’ve ever seen in a grocery store. Everything was in its place, the store is spotless even in wet snow conditions, the staff is cheerful and engaged. The freshness, product mix, atmosphere, and energy make this brand more than a grocery store…. it’s grocery theater…and that’s what retailers need to be, a place where the experience entertains the senses. #farmboyhashtag #freshmarketexperiencehashtag #grocerytheaterhashtag #bestcustomerexperience

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