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It is with great pleasure that I welcome John Skakie to the FreshFeedback team.

John’s expertise in Talent Management is needed more than ever to lead our ever-growing “Employee Pulse Surveys” solution in order to help brands listen to the heart and soul of their employees, whom many have fears, concerns and anxiety during and after these very difficult times end. It’s a time of uncertainty, listening to our employees and showing them we care has never been more important...they are family, after all. Employee Pulse Surveys deliver a high employee participation rate by asking employees 1 to 3 questions every week or two, by way of their mobile devices, which provides the leadership team with real-time and affordable insight into the health of the brand and their employees. Participants can also recognize peers by using the integrated “Kudos” employee appreciation tool to create happier, more engaged team members and a culture of positivity. Thank you for joining us, John :-) To learn more, please visit #employeepulsesurvey #freshfeedback hashtag

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