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I spent some time this past weekend

I spent some time this past weekend with a good friend who had some critical surgery done at Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington. My time at the hospital consisted of time with him in his room when he was awake and time in the most amazing cafeteria, well, not really a cafeteria, more like a well-appointed modern sophisticated seating area where you can enjoy great food. How often do you go to a hospital and rave about the food? Well, this is my first and the kudos go to “La Prep”! I wish all hospitals would do their guests and staff a favour and replace their tired cafeterias with a “La Prep” so they could offer freshly prepared & made to order meals, baked goods and specialty coffees. Thank you “La Prep” for making the hours I waited for my friend to wake up very enjoyable. #laprephashtag #freshlypreparedfoodhashtag #josephbranthospitalhashtag #burlington

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